Jun 16  SP8 program at a glance available

Jun 29  Deadline for early-bird registration & abstract submission for posters

Registered participants presenting their work at SP8 as oral or poster communications will have the possibility to publish full papers in Special Issues of the following journals covering the research fields of the SP8 congress:

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry

Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

Catalysis Today

Special Issues General Guidelines

I. During the step of abstract submission, authors who have expressed their intention to submit their works to a 'Special Issue of 8th International Conference on Semiconductor photochemistry' are welcome to proceed to the corresponding web sites of the preferred journals, following the links given below.

II. Registered authors will receive an invitation Letter confirming their status. Only registered authors who made their preliminary request together with the abstract submission will be allowed to submit to those journals.

III. FINAL DEADLINE for uploading manuscript will be between September 30th 2023 and January 31st 2024, depending on the journal. No extension allowed.

IV. The submitted papers will be subjected to the regular peer-reviewing procedures of the journals.