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On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committees, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 8th International Conference on Semiconductor Photochemistry (SP 8), held in Strasbourg, France, on September 11 – 15, 2023.
The SP8 conference will be preceded on September 11, 2023, by a one-day Thematic school to the attention of doctoral students and young researchers.

Launched in 2001 in Glasgow, the international meeting series SP progressively gained over the last 20 years its renown among the most relevant meetings in semiconductor photochemistry and photocatalysis by travelling around Europe. Hosted in Aberdeen (2007), Glasgow (2010), Prague (2013), Saint Petersburg (2015), Oeldenburg (2017) and Milan (2019), SP will take place in Strasbourg in 2023.

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Through plenary and keynote lectures, oral presentations, poster talks and poster sessions, the ambition of the four-day SP8 conference is to report on the most advanced research progresses in semiconductor photochemistry and photocatalysis, and to pave the way for future research and challenges.

For facing actual challenges and addressing major societal concerns on environment, sustainable chemistry and energy, SP8 will offer a lively and convivial share platform to senior and younger researchers, PhD students as well as companies involved in semiconductor photochemistry and photocatalysis.

SP8 will cover research fields as varied as solar to electricity conversion, solar to chemical energy conversion (water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction, solar fuels), air and water remediation, photosterilization, self cleaning surfaces, organic photosynthesis, new photoactive materials, mechanistic studies, engineering, modelling, commercial applications, standardization, whether the research approach is fundamental or applied.

We truly hope that the SP8 program will reflect the high commitment and exceptional profile of the international community working in this field, and selected papers will be published in high impact factor journals following the SP8 meeting.

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Explore the SP8 website: there is a time to work, and a time for entertainments and touristic discovery. So, you are encouraged to plan enjoying the city of Strasbourg and the Alsace region, and to taste the local hospitality.

We are very much looking forward to welcome you in September 2023 to the beautiful city of Strasbourg!

On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committees,

Nicolas Keller, SP8 chair
Fernando Fresno, SP8 co-chair